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Special offer - complete SETS -

gambesons & padding
, man's clothing

New sections:
16th - 17th Men's clothing


Medieval On-line Shop - Gambeson - cut-in-waist Gm14-s1Gambeson - cut-in-waist Gm14-s1Medieval On-line Shop - Cross with Wolf HeadCross with Wolf HeadMedieval On-line Shop - Glastonbury chair F3Glastonbury chair F3
Medieval On-line Shop - Mittens shortMittens shortMedieval On-line Shop - Large chest L6Large chest L6Medieval On-line Shop - Pot 3 litersPot 3 liters
Medieval On-line Shop - Light folding chair F8Light folding chair F8Medieval On-line Shop - Bohurt Infantry GambesonBohurt Infantry GambesonMedieval On-line Shop - Bohurt Simple PourpointBohurt Simple Pourpoint
Medieval On-line Shop - Middle-class outfitMiddle-class outfitMedieval On-line Shop - Tent Umbrella 14Tent Umbrella 14Medieval On-line Shop - Helmet finishing - padded cap Mf1Helmet finishing - padded cap Mf1
Medieval On-line Shop - Pourpoint of Charles de Blois ms4Pourpoint of Charles de Blois ms4Medieval On-line Shop - Folding chair F2Folding chair F2Medieval On-line Shop - Arming cap Cm3Arming cap Cm3
Medieval On-line Shop - Tent with two poles T1Tent with two poles T1Medieval On-line Shop - Tent Umbrella T2Tent Umbrella T2Medieval On-line Shop - Folding chair F2 - largeFolding chair F2 - large
Medieval On-line Shop - Umbrella Tent - cotton - 3m impregnatedUmbrella Tent - cotton - 3m impregnatedMedieval On-line Shop - Infantry Gambeson Gm14-s2Infantry Gambeson Gm14-s2Medieval On-line Shop - Arming doublet - puffed - with leather ms4Arming doublet - puffed - with leather ms4
Medieval On-line Shop - Folding chair F1Folding chair F1Medieval On-line Shop - Folding stool F4Folding stool F4Medieval On-line Shop - Infantry Gambeson shortsleevedInfantry Gambeson shortsleeved
Medieval On-line Shop - Pourpoint 18 piecesPourpoint 18 piecesMedieval On-line Shop - 15th cent. Gauntlets - spring steel15th cent. Gauntlets - spring steelMedieval On-line Shop - Robe with fur 15-R4Robe with fur 15-R4
Medieval On-line Shop - HosesHosesMedieval On-line Shop - Early Viking caftan mEarly Viking caftan mMedieval On-line Shop - Tent Umbrella T6Tent Umbrella T6
Medieval On-line Shop - Hourglass full gauntletsHourglass full gauntletsMedieval On-line Shop - Early Viking caftan hEarly Viking caftan hMedieval On-line Shop - Brass lantern 5Brass lantern 5
Medieval On-line Shop - Early Viking caftan 2 mEarly Viking caftan 2 mMedieval On-line Shop - Early Viking caftan 2 hEarly Viking caftan 2 hMedieval On-line Shop - Senmurv Russian Padded CaftanSenmurv Russian Padded Caftan
Medieval On-line Shop - Senmurv Russian Padded Caftan hSenmurv Russian Padded Caftan hMedieval On-line Shop - Russian padded caftan hRussian padded caftan hMedieval On-line Shop - Russian padded caftanRussian padded caftan
Medieval On-line Shop - Frying pan 37 cm.Frying pan 37 cm.Medieval On-line Shop - Vendel Era klappenrockVendel Era klappenrockMedieval On-line Shop - Robe of the grande assietteRobe of the grande assiette
Medieval On-line Shop - 15th Soldier`s Tent - cotton15th Soldier`s Tent - cottonMedieval On-line Shop - Vendel Era klappenrock hVendel Era klappenrock hMedieval On-line Shop - Frying pan 40 cm.Frying pan 40 cm.
Medieval On-line Shop - Hammer of ThorHammer of ThorMedieval On-line Shop - Conical Tent T12Conical Tent T12Medieval On-line Shop - Houppelande H5Houppelande H5
Medieval On-line Shop - Norman Tent T4Norman Tent T4Medieval On-line Shop - Houppelande H4Houppelande H4Medieval On-line Shop - Three-horned BroochThree-horned Brooch
Medieval On-line Shop - Folding chair F15 - largeFolding chair F15 - largeMedieval On-line Shop - Folding chair F15Folding chair F15Medieval On-line Shop - Linen bag mediumLinen bag medium
Medieval On-line Shop - Linen bag bigLinen bag bigMedieval On-line Shop - Earrings from NorwayEarrings from NorwayMedieval On-line Shop - Beard ring mediumBeard ring medium
Medieval On-line Shop - Medieval BrazierMedieval BrazierMedieval On-line Shop - Small stool F5Small stool F5Medieval On-line Shop - Folding Italian Chair F9Folding Italian Chair F9
Medieval On-line Shop - Bench F6Bench F6Medieval On-line Shop - Folding Italian Chair F7Folding Italian Chair F7Medieval On-line Shop - Tent Umbrella T8Tent Umbrella T8
Medieval On-line Shop - Chest 1Chest 1Medieval On-line Shop - Folding chair F6Folding chair F6Medieval On-line Shop - Square stool with backrestSquare stool with backrest
Medieval On-line Shop - Square stoolSquare stoolMedieval On-line Shop - Five- finger Leather Gloves - MachinemadeFive- finger Leather Gloves - MachinemadeMedieval On-line Shop - Bench F11Bench F11
Medieval On-line Shop - Folding Italian Chair F10Folding Italian Chair F10Medieval On-line Shop - Big Medieval BrazierBig Medieval BrazierMedieval On-line Shop - Folding chair XVI-th cent. F5Folding chair XVI-th cent. F5
Medieval On-line Shop - Early medieval StoolEarly medieval StoolMedieval On-line Shop - Folding chair XVI-th cent. F5 - largeFolding chair XVI-th cent. F5 - largeMedieval On-line Shop - Brazier with doorlockBrazier with doorlock
Medieval On-line Shop - Small Medieval BrazierSmall Medieval BrazierMedieval On-line Shop - Big Brazier with doorlockBig Brazier with doorlock