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16th - 17th Century

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Landsknecht chemise handmade

Landsknecht chemise.

XVI- XVII century.

fully handmade

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Basel Type Tent - 3m diameter (cotton)

This tent is based on original one that you can see in Swiss muzeum in Basel.
It has no spokes but single central pole.
Basel tent is dated for 17th century but its apperance is similar then models seen on medieval ilustrations.
This tent is very convenient as it takes small space in transport and needs just single pole.
The price includes all transport sacks, ropes, handforged steel pegs, wooden pole and 3 additional storm ropes.
Wooden pole is not painted or stained it is just covered with impregnation against mould and bugs.
The tent is made of unimpregnated and antiseptic material (380g/m)

For this tent there are additional upgrades available:
- Impregnated Cotton - 200€

The shipping cost is negotiated individualy depending on size of the tent and country to which it will be send.
We send the information about the shipping fee in the confirmation of the order.

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Breeches 1

Early 17th century
Wool with linen(optional with other materials)
Gathered to the waistband at the top

Machine - made, hand finished
Fastened with cords/ hooks & eyes and buttons.
Hooks/ cords at the waistband for attaching to a doublet.

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Hat 15-16cent-1

15th - 16th century
German Landsknecht's Garment

Wool & linen.
Multiple slashes.
Machinemade, handmade finish.
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Doublet 16cent-1

15th - 16th century
German Landsknecht's Garment

Wool, fustian & linen.
Slashed and pinked with points for lacing.

Machinemade, handmade finish.

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