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16th - 17th Men's clothing, Page 2

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Doublet 17cent-5

16th - 17th century Doublet
Made of wool with linen lining
Simple model - no embelishments.
Buttoned in front.

Machinemade, hand made finish.
This piece has no inner belt for attaching breeches. That belt is: +20€

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Doublet 16cent-2

15th - 16th century German Landsknecht doublet

Made of wool with linen interlining and linen lining.
U-shaped front with decorative chest piece
Slashed and pinked.
Puffed, voluminous sleeves.
Eyelets for hoses attachment.
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Doublet 17cent-3

early 17th century, based on an exmple from Germanisches Museum in Nurnberg and The Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh
3 layers, wool and linen(optional made from other materials)
Detachable and buttoned sleeves
Machine – made

Fastened with buttons

Additional offer: vams in leather +100 eur

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Breeches 3

17th century Breeches

Made silk with linen lining.
Buttoned flap in front
Lacing at the waist
The breeches have pockets and hooks for attaching them to a doublet.

Machinemade, handmade finish.

Based on a suit of king Charles Gustavus of Sweden, c.1654

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Shirt 15-16cent-1

15th - 16th century Shirt

Linen shirt, gathered at neckline, shoulders and wrists.
Machinemade, handmade finish.
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