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Gauntlets finishing - machinemade

Gauntlets finishing.
The service contains of sawing leather, machinemade gloves (made by us) into the customers' gauntlets.
Gloves - 70€
Service - 60€

Additional felt for fingers protection +60€
130 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 30 €
klappvisier 1

Helmet Klappvisier 3

Helmet Klappvisier with padded finishing, all handmade.

Helmet by Jacek Matera, made of springsteel.
Padded finishing made of linen with sheepwool inside.
Chaimmail collar: inner diameter of the rings 8 mm, length 16 cm
There is a possibility of attaching a reinforced piece of neck protection to the collar. That upgrade costs 50€

1100 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 30 €

Leather cuisses

Cuisses - late 13th - 14th century
Made of wax indurated, thick leather.
Leather - 5mm, wool layer inside for protection.
Shin additionally protected with tempered steel.

300 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 20 €
Padded hoses

Padded hoses short Pm14-1

Short hoses XIVth are made of linen and sheep’s wool. Machinemade. Price for a pair.

The hoses are made from default natural linen material, in natural linen colour (grey or light grey)

Additional modifications:
Colour change/dyeing = +10€

Conventional thickness: 110€
Large thickness: 130€

Thickness info:
Small thickness: 0,5cm
Conventional thickness: 0,9cm
Large thickness: 1,4cm

90 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping free €
Splinted armour

Splinted upper leg harness

14th century splinted upper leg harness

Natural leather.
Tempered steel.

Quilted legs included and joined with harness.

Strong support belt included made of thick, natural leather.

600 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 30 €

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