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Medieval On-line Shop - Chests

Medieval funiture was indispensable in medieval homes, as well as in battlefield camps. Medieval furniture offered by Kokosh's Manufactureis made of oak, we also use pinewood or beechwood if required. The most popular pieces of furniture are medieval chairs, medieval stools, medieval benches, medieval beds, whole range of boxes and chests of various sizes. Such close-to-the-original medieval furniture is perfect for medieval reenactment fans as well as enthusiasts of medieval stylised houses.

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Large chest L6

Large chest made of either dark or light pine wood.
Additional offer : made from oak + 30 eur
Additional offer : made from oak + 60 eur
Height: 46cm
Width: 38cm
Lenth: 100cm
260 In stockAdd to basketShipping 45 €

Small chest P1

Small chest, made of beech wood.
Width: 24cm
Length: 34cm
Height: 13cm

Additional offer : made from oak + 20 eur
120 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 20 €
chest small

Small chest

Small and very useful medieval chest. Made of pine with hand-made ​​ferrules.

Height: 16cm
Width: 17cm
Lenth: 28cm
95 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 20 €

Chest P6

Chest, made of pine.
Additional offer : made from beech + 20 eur
Additional offer : made from oak + 40 eur
Height: 34cm
Width: 26cm
Length: 65cm
150 In stockAdd to basketShipping 30 €
carved chest

Carved chest

We offer carving of crates
The price will be agreed after the project is agreed
- Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 35 €

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