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Gauntlets, Page 3

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linen gloves

Linen gloves hm1

Linen gloves:
Hand - made
Designed for gauntlets.
120 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 10 €

Hourglass full gauntlets

Hourglass gauntlets,

Production: Jacek Matera
Gauntlets made of tempered, spring steel.
Full finger protection.
Leather gloves inside.

+50€ for felt protection
500 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 30 €
Hourglass gauntlets

Hourglass advance gauntlets

Late 14th century
This model has the finger elements riveted to the leather and to themselves making pivots and joints, therefore the finger works as a whole element providing better protection. It is also deeper then a regular finger in hourglass gauntlets.
The whole thing is made of tempered spring steel.

+50€ for additional felt protection.

650 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 30 €

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