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Medieval clothing for women

Medieval On-line Shop - Medieval clothing for women

Medieval clothing for women used for working and informal situations was simple and quite comfortable. Medieval clothing for women usually included simple tunics and dresses. They were made of linen and wool. Their design depended mainly on the social class of the wearer. The upper class medieval attire was made of silk, and in the late medieval times also cotton. Medieval clothes from our offer are exact copies of original historical clothing. We use only natural materials - threads, fabrics (which are also handmade) and historical crafting methods, approved by historians and archaeologists. Weoffer machine-made middle ages costumes, if it is required by our client. When reconstructing medieval clothing, we use authentic historical sources.

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Head cloth

Head cloth

Linen, traingular cloth.
22 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 10 €

Linen underwear dress

9th - 12th century
Simple patterned dress is a base of early medieval female outfit. It has simple sleeves woth wedges underneath the armpits and shallow, split cleavage. Bottom of the dress is widened with side gores from the hips. Machinemade

Addional offer:
Rims of the dress decorated with chosen material
Embroidery or ribbons
100 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 15 €
Pleated dress

15th cent. Dress cut-in-waist

Late 15th century

Cut in waist dress with pleated lower section. The dress i lanced on the sides. Round cleavage, short sleeve, worn with decorative, attachable sleeves.
200 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 20 €
linen gloves

Linen gloves

Linen gloves:
Hand - made
Designed for gauntlets.
120 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 10 €

Cottehardie tippets

Mid 14th - early 15th century
Fitted to the body, made of gores outer dress. Lanced on the sides or fastened with buttons on the front. Long, reaching to the ground, with fashionable wide cleavage. The dress has a short sleeve with long stripe of material - tippet. The dress can have pockets at the waist level.
Made of wool with linen lining. Additionally the dress can be trimmed with fur.

Basic offer contains wool buttons.
Metal round buttons: + €1,50 each

200 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 20 €

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