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Medieval outerwear for women

Medieval outdoor clothing for women was a sign of status, not just a way of covering the body. Its decorative value and beauty reflected a woman’s social position. Medieval fashion was not as dynamic as the modern one, but it was changing considerably. Early medieval loose-fitting dresses, changed into more fitted ones. Loose fitting medieval shirts in the 10th century changed design in the 13th century, when the so-called cotte were popular. The dresses became more and more complex with variety of materials and designs.

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Pleated dress

15th cent. Dress cut-in-waist

Late 15th century

Cut in waist dress with pleated lower section. The dress i lanced on the sides. Round cleavage, short sleeve, worn with decorative, attachable sleeves.
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Cottehardie tippets

Mid 14th - early 15th century
Fitted to the body, made of gores outer dress. Lanced on the sides or fastened with buttons on the front. Long, reaching to the ground, with fashionable wide cleavage. The dress has a short sleeve with long stripe of material - tippet. The dress can have pockets at the waist level.
Made of wool with linen lining. Additionally the dress can be trimmed with fur.

Basic offer contains wool buttons.
Metal round buttons: + €1,50 each

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Wool outer dress

Wool outer dress

9th - 12th century
Outer simple, wool dress, widened with gores from the hips. It can be shorter than the bottom dress and be knee long.

Additional offer: Rims of the dress can be decorated with chosen material, embriodery or ribbons.
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Burgundian dress

Burgundian dress

Late 15th century

Court dress with slim top and wide lower part. Deep, V-type cleavage. slim fitted sleeves. Trimmed with contrasting material or fur. Made of wool with linen lining.

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Van der Weyden

Van der Weyden Dress

Late 15th c. dress

Based on paintings by R. Van der Weyden
Made of wool without any lining.
Skirt is pleated at the waist.
Frontal fastening. without sleeves.
Machinemade with hand made finish.
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