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Other armour

In this section you can find base armour for torso, arms and legs. Special offers will be presented here as well.

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Lance 2

Jousting lance that is made of 2 pieces for convienient transport and cheap shipping fee.
After delivery it should be glued into one piece.
After mount it is 190cm long. At the end of lance there is a socket for removable top that brakes during joust.
Lance is made of two types of wood for better balance.
We can paint the lance for any pattern you wish.
? Custom orderAdd to basketShipping ? €

Leather cuisses

Cuisses - late 13th - 14th century
Made of wax indurated, thick leather.
Leather - 5mm, wool layer inside for protection.
Shin additionally protected with tempered steel.

300 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 20 €
Splinted armour

Splinted upper leg harness

14th century splinted upper leg harness

Natural leather.
Tempered steel.

Quilted legs included and joined with harness.

Strong support belt included made of thick, natural leather.

600 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 30 €


Brigantine 14th - 15th century

1mm spring steel, tempered.
Leather cover
Steel buckles
900 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 30 €
Arms protection

Arm protection long

Made from spring steel.
Thick leather and shaped metal.

Price for pair.
400 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 30 €

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