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Other furniture

Medieval On-line Shop - Other furniture

Medieval funiture was indispensable in medieval homes, as well as in battlefield camps. Medieval furniture offered by Kokosh's Manufactureis made of oak, we also use pinewood or beechwood if required. The most popular pieces of furniture are medieval chairs, medieval stools, medieval benches, medieval beds, whole range of boxes and chests of various sizes. Such close-to-the-original medieval furniture is perfect for medieval reenactment fans as well as enthusiasts of medieval stylised houses.

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15th Gothic wardrobe

Oak wardrobe.
Based on an example from medieval England.

1100 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping ? €
oak bed

Oak bed

Large bed with carvings. Base made of oak and inner staves made of ash.

inside: 114 x 194 cm
outside: 150 x 230 cm

Estimate weight is 20-30 kg
690 In stockAdd to basketShipping 150 €


Shelves that can be disassembled, excellent for medieval camp and kitchen to put tableware.
It is 100cm long, 120cm high and 25 cm in width.
In standard it is made of pine wood.
It can be made from oak: 290€
It can be made from Alder: 250€
We can paint Pine and Alder in brown colour
210 In stockAdd to basketShipping 30 €
Oak bed

Oak bed with canopy

Medieval bed with canopy and stand for mattress. Made of oak wood.
960 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 150 €


Medieval desktop
Made of oak or optionally ash.
80 Custom orderAdd to basketShipping 30 €

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